betterU Education Corporation

betterU was founded in 2013 in Canada and has offices in India, Australia, and Switzerland. Better U through its partnerships with leading global industry partners, employment service providers and top global educators, provides access to quality education, employment services for all Indian learners. Through eSkill India, betterU offers eLearning of more than 5000 hours broadly covering management sector, BFSI sector, IT, digital literacy, Media sector, soft skills, and many more.     

The motive behind the partnership is to support and enable the people of India to reach the goals set out in the Skill India initiative and secure a better livelihood.

It connects learners to support systems, such as their Upskill Engine, to help them make informed decisions about their future.

betterU evolves with the market to meet the growing needs of the industry. They have focused exclusively on India, spending years researching and understanding how to bring global education to the country.

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