English as a Second Language 003

Improve your reading and writing skills through active reading activities and academic writing practice. This course is designed for learners at the Upper-Intermediate level (B2).


Learning a new language requires you to pull together a variety of concepts and topics. By connecting your language skills, you're better able to explain yourself and write about your ideas. ESL003 presents Standard American English grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills that work together to culminate in a complete essay. You will learn how sentences become clearer when tenses agree and practice recognizing tense to make your writing more coherent. This course also builds your vocabulary by exploring synonyms and antonyms and develops stronger reading skills. Finally, you will write a short, cohesive essay about a reading. By the end of this course, you will be able to describe your opinions about the things you read. This course is designed to help you use your new skills to communicate your ideas in a clear, thoughtful manner.

Name English as a Second Language 003
Language English
Duration 12:00 hours
Sector Employability Enhancer
Price (INR) FREE
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Certification Availability from eSkillIndia Not Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Pre-Qualification Any

Course Rating

Average Rating:5.0

*   The QP alignment of the course is provided by the Knowledge Partner and the course may not cover the QP in entirety.