Self Development - Introspection And Expression

Self-Development is a combination of discovering one's own self and unlocking the latent potentials within, and thereafter utilizing them in the best way possible – both, professionally and personally.


Module Key Takeaways Where Are You in Life? People should try to fulfill their basic needs before they move to the next phase of life. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Journey of self-development should always begin by understanding where you are right now. Capacities & Hindrances Strength and Weakness are internal forces. Our latent capacities and potentials account for strengths within our personality. Being able to take the charge when you are in a group is a strength. Converting Threat into Opportunity Threats are external forces, independent of strengths and weaknesses. Work on polishing skill-sets according to the prevailing setting. Think out of the box and conceptualize a plan to minimize the gap. Do Communication Skills Really Matter? If you can communicate effectively, you can build good relationships with people. If your communication skills are up to par, you will leave everyone you communicate with a positive image of yourself. Strong public relations skills are necessary if you want to achieve successful coordination. Written Words The basic principle of writing before you start writing effective content is the basics of grammar and spelling. Expand your horizons to more challenging reading material. Be patient with yourself, learn when to erase it or rework it. Verbal Words Plan your communication appropriately. Speak slowly but not overbearingly slowly. Try to refrain from using filler words such as "um," "ah," and "like".
Name Self Development - Introspection And Expression
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