Contract Law: Caution and Contentions

This course will help users to grasp the fundamentals of Contract Law and hone your contract drafting skills using videos, exercises and quizzes making it engaging and enjoyable to learn.


Contracts are one of the most important tools for smooth functioning of business operations. Every commercial or non-commercial entity enters into contracts and agreements to ensure certainty of service, predictability of course of action and enforceability of the agreed terms. While the enforceability of a contract comes into play after it has been accepted by each party, the most crucial and tricky aspect of a contract is its drafting. Contract drafting involves application of business knowledge, contract laws and writing skills. An incorrectly drafted contract can have unforeseeable repercussions, causing huge financial losses to the parties involved. Thus, not everybody has the desired proficiency to draft effective contracts.

This interactive course consists of videos, exercises and quizzes making it engaging and enjoyable to learn. A subject-matter expert will moderate this course through the "Contract Law: Caution and Contentions" community. Once you are a part of the community, you can enhance your learning by participating in the discussion threads, raise queries and get solutions from experts in quick time.

Name Contract Law: Caution and Contentions
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