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Digital Sculpting

Have you ever wondered how 3D characters for games and animation are made or wanted to create and paint your own 3D models? Digital sculpting offers an intuitive and fun approach to 3D modelling which anyone can pick up and use to bring their own ideas to life.


 Digital sculpting is needed in various creative pursuits. From amateurs to professionals, anyone could need to use digital sculpting one day for a project/assignment. The learners of this course will understand the nuances of digital sculpting and how to start using the same. They will be able to use mesmerizing visual effects that are full of 3D sculptures in static or animated modes. This course will help the learners create 3D models using digital sculpting techniques and texture them for use in a game engine/3D rendering software.  The learners will not only gain an insight into sculpting software but will also understand the difference between digital sculpting and 3D modelling.
Name Digital Sculpting
Language English
Duration 29:00 hours
Sector Instructional Strategies
Price (INR) FREE
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Certification Availability from eSkillIndia Not Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Pre-Qualification Any

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Average Rating:5.0

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