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Basics of AI without the hype

Don't know where to start learning Artificial Intelligence? Looking for a Course which will provide the right foundation? This Masterclass by WiselyWise gives executives, students and faculty a complete guide to learning AI for their stable future.


You are naturally worried reading about how Artificial Intelligence(AI) will take over your job. You have been looking for the correct guidance so you can acquire the right AI Skills for your stable future. Relax! Your Search for a quality course ends here. You can get started in this Basics of AI course which will help you understand what AI is all about. A Course that will provide you with a solid foundation in AI Concepts and is meant for students from all fields even those without a programming or Computer Science background. You will become fluent in AI, well on your way to transform your career. This course will fundamentally transform your thinking. You will move away from how you traditionally think about Computer Science to thinking in the new era of Artificial Intelligence. You will know about the origins of AI, Timeline of AI and the Pioneers who made it all possible. The course will introduce you to the main applications in AI starting from Chatbots and moving onto Robotics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing. You will also witness how organizations are using AI to win in their industries. And Yes, before we forget, you get your shiny new Digital Certificate as your course completion credential. More importantly, you will gain the confidence to chart your future in a World increasingly dominated by AI.

Name Basics of AI without the hype
Language English
Duration 7:16 hours
Sector IT-ITES
Related QP * SSC/Q8102 - AI - Business Intelligence Analyst ,
Price (INR) ₹18750
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Certification Availability from eSkillIndia Not Available
Pre-Qualification Any
NSQF level 6

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Average Rating:5.0

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