Life Insurance—Basic Concepts

Learn about the benefits of life insurance. Life insurance is a protection for your life, business, investments and properties. It insures you and your family against all types of risks and unforeseen accidents or illnesses.


Life insurance serves to be a financial support in the event of crisis as well as acts as a long-term investment. In this course, we will discuss various aspects of life insurance such as the fundamentals of insurance and types of life insurance plans. The course will be presented as a structured framework with reference to real-time scenarios. This fundamental course on life insurance is meant to benefit both insurance agents and individuals wanting to purchase life insurance plans. This course will need to be viewed as an awareness and orientation program for life insurance.

About This Course

This course will help you to understand the basic concepts of life insurance as outlined below:

  • Insurance—An Overview
  • Insurance—Benefits and Process
  • How Insurance Works
  • Key Insurance Terms
  • Regulatory Framework in India
Name Life Insurance—Basic Concepts
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