Global Online Trading Certification System

Stock investing as a life skill! Whether you're an Explorer, a Learner, or a Pro, you can get started immediately.TrakInvest is an Virtual Social Educational Stock Trading Platform that provides access to 15000+ stocks across 10 International exchanges with real stock prices and virtual money.


Users can learn, practise and improve their stock trading skills in a risk free environment before investing their real hard earned money. The user will be certified by TrakInvest. TrakInvest is already being used by global firms such as FWD Thailand to train its workforce on stock markets. Further, international b-schools and companies are increasingly looking for candidates with practical experience to showcase in addition to the resume.

The Global Online Trading Certification Program (GOTC) is aimed to testify the trading skills of a user on the TrakInvest platform. An initiative of the TrakInvest learning academy, the GOTC program makes the user eligible for a certificate that testifies the high-level standards and benchmarks set by the company. Achievement of this certificate demonstrates the users capability and confidence in stock market trading and investment management. Users can provide this certificate as a proof of their trading performance and skillsets to showcase their trading history on the platform to employers for jobs or internships.


Name Global Online Trading Certification System
Language English
Duration 270:00 hours
Sector BFSI
Price (INR) ₹8939
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability Available
Pre-Qualification Any

Course Rating

Average Rating:5.0