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IOT Arduino Course

IoT Arduino Course in Hindi with Certificate - LearnVern offers a Best IoT Training Course in Hindi, will teach you Arduino programming language and cover all Basic to Advanced concepts of Arduino Board with use of different Sensors and their implementation.


LearnVern is an Online e-Learning Platform that provides a Free IoT Arduino Course in Hindi with Certificate. Known among the finest IoT Training Courses available for free with step-by-step instructions, the Arduino Tutorial by LearnVern will teach you Arduino programming languages, such as basic to advanced concepts on an Arduino board, use of different sensors, and their implementation in real life. 

This LearnVern IoT course is built with a hands-on approach and will teach anybody how to perform IoT Arduino programming. You can learn Various concepts of IoT in this Course such as Installing Arduino, Digital PWM, Serial Communication, Digital Input, Serial Input, and more. Each IoT module tutorial is encouraged with live project illustrations in IoT programming basics. Enroll in this Course free.

IoT Arduino Course Module

  • Introduction to Arduino 
  • Installing Arduino
  • Program Basic LED Project-1 
  • Arduino Programming, Digital PWM
  • Serial Communication
  • Digital Input, Serial Input, Analog Input
  • LCD Interfacing Project-2
  • DC Motor Interfacing Project-3
  • RC Car Programming Project-4

After completing this IOT Arduino course at LearnVern you will understand all Modules via our Video tutorial and real-life example. Also, you get exposure to both the Hardware and Software sides, so you can take employment as per your expertise.

Name IOT Arduino Course
Language Hindi
Duration 10:44 hours
Sector IT-ITES
Related QP * SSC/Q0508 - Junior Software Developer , SSC/Q6702 - Software Developer ,
Price (INR) FREE
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Certification Availability from eSkillIndia Not Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Pre-Qualification Any
NSQF level 4,7

Course Rating

Average Rating:5.0

*   The QP alignment of the course is provided by the Knowledge Partner and the course may not cover the QP in entirety.