How to Design and Develop Presentations

This course will help users to design and develop effective presentations using visual aids, videos, exercises and quizzes and get tips for delivering successful presentations.


Ever faced the jitters a night before having to give a presentation? Ever wondered how some people are able to sail effortlessly through their presentations without being hounded with endless queries and questions? Why is it that some presentations cater to every requirement of their intended audience while others only skim the top, leaving the audience wanting for more by way of explanation? Similarly, some presentations make it impossible for viewers to look away, while others can put them to sleep. Is it just the quality of content and research material portrayed in different kinds of presentations that justify such different reactions or is there something more?

This interactive course consists of videos, exercises and quizzes making it engaging and enjoyable to learn. A subject-matter expert will moderate this course through the "How to Design and Develop Presentations" community. Once you are a part of the community, you can enhance your learning by participating in the discussion threads, raise queries and get solutions from experts in quick time.

Name How to Design and Develop Presentations
Language English
Duration 4:00 hours
Sector Employability Enhancer
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Pre-Qualification Graduate
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