Management: Historical Development and Globalization

Explore several historical theories of management, as well as the affects of globalization on management and how firms conduct international business.


The more complex an organization and its operations, the more active a role management plays. Successful management imposes a degree of order and discipline so that work can be accomplished efficiently, regardless of the size of the organization, how many countries it operates in, or how much of its work is performed virtually.

In this course, you will explore various theories of management throughout history. Learn about early management principles, including Frederick Winslow Taylor's scientific management theory widely practiced in the industrial age of the 20th century, and the shift to more contemporary, 21st-century approaches to management, which tend to be better to suited to knowledge-based industries. Finally, you will begin to examine management from a global perspective.

Name Management: Historical Development and Globalization
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Sector Management
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