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Aggressive Selling

Customers listen to and buy from People they see as Experts and successful. Learn revolutionary Authoritative Selling Approach to position yourself as an Expert, an Authority that is more Trustable, Likeable, and believable to customers and will help you crack 70% of your Sales Deals in one Contact


Module No. Key learnings 1 When calling the customer, you should use good quality headset and the audio is clear 1 When Selling on Phone, you should make the calls more personalised and more valuable 1 When delivering the message to the customer, the sales pitch should be short     2 Social selling (LinkedIn) is not selling, its educating about your product 2 On LinkedIn connect with your exiting customer and try to generate references from them 2 Use your LinkedIn profile, optimize it to reflect your business     3 Sales is never a goal, sales is actual an outcome of a relationship 3 Sales is Pro-active and not Reactive 3 You have to plan your own growth, what your target should be, how many sales and leads you need to achieve     4 Always ask the customers concern about the product upfront 4 Before the customer asks for a discount, you should offer 5% upfront discount when you send the offer 4 Techniques to ask payments from the customer - The Scarcity Close, The Assumptive Close & The Next Step Close     5 Achieving greater success in sales means meeting more customers and making more calls 5 To make sales productive, one should orgaise and prioritize your lead call list 5 Smart sales people do not rely on one channel to generate leads instead create another channel of their own     6 Key to Customer Objection - Prepared Responses, Intelligent Response and Right Approach 6 A client on an acount can be activated only after 10/11th follow up 6 Every existing follow up is an opportunity for the next follow up    
Name Aggressive Selling
Language English
Duration 60:12 hours
Sector Management
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