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Certificate course in Diabetic Footcare

This course will provide the students with the knowledge and skills required to screen, diagnose and manage diabetic foot disease. By the end of this course, you will become enabled to provide high quality footcare to diabetes patients.


There are approximately 70 million people with diabetes in India, and the country is set to become the diabetes capital of world. One of the important complications of diabetes is foot disease. In India, DFUs affect 15% of diabetics during their lifetime. The risk of limb amputation is 10-30 times higher in individuals with diabetes.  Diabetes is the cause in 8 out of 10 non-traumatic limb amputations, of which 85% are due to diabetic foot ulcer. Diabetic foot can cause impose major physical, psychological and financial burden of the patient. Many physicians lack knowledge of foot care and do not check the foot. In India, there field of podiatry is almost non-existent. The Certificate Course in Diabetic Footcare aims to equip healthcare professionals to provide better footcare to diabetes patients. This course will provide health professionals evidence-based diabetic foot care education to implement footcare as an adjunct to their professional responsibilities. You will learn the causes for diabetic foot ulcers, mechanism of foot ulceration in diabetes, screening for diabetic foot, and the skills needed for the management and prevention of foot ulcers in diabetes. What you will learn? 1.Global burden of diabetic foot.  2.Etiopathogenesis of diabetic foot.  3.Evaluation of diabetic foot. 4.Management of diabetic foot ulcers.  5.Screening and prevention of diabetic foot.
Name Certificate course in Diabetic Footcare
Language English
Duration 5:00 hours
Sector Healthcare
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Price (INR) ₹5900
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Certification Availability from eSkillIndia Not Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Pre-Qualification 11th to 12th
NSQF level 4,4,5,4,3,4,4,5,4,

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Average Rating:5.0

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