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Certificate in Obesity Management

This course will provide the student knowledge on the causes and risk factors and health risks of obesity, evaluation of obesity and management strategies for obesity. The focus of this course is on implementing lifestyle interventions such as diet and physical therapy to manage obesity.


The Certificate in Obesity Management course has been designed to provide the students detailed scientific understanding of the causes, associated health risks and holistic management approaches for obesity. This course is relevant for health professionals including doctors, nurses, dieticians, counselors and psychologists managing individuals with obesity. The course will equip the students with the knowledge and skills required to design and deliver personalized evidence-based weight loss programs. The focus of this course is on lifestyle interventions (diet and physical activity) and behavioral changes. Apart from learning materials, obesity management experts share their experience and insights with students. You will learn how to overcome behavioral factors that come in the way of successful weight loss in patients. There is brief coverage of pharmacological (drugs) and surgical approaches to weight loss. By the end of this course, you should be able to apply this knowledge to design effective weight loss programs. 
Name Certificate in Obesity Management
Language English
Duration 5:00 hours
Sector Healthcare
Related QP * HSS/Q8701 - Diabetes Educator , HSS/Q5201 - Diet Assistant , HSS/Q8601 - Front Line Health Worker ,
Price (INR) ₹5900
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Certification Availability from eSkillIndia Not Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Pre-Qualification 11th to 12th
NSQF level 4,4,3,

Course Rating

Average Rating:5.0

*   The QP alignment of the course is provided by the Knowledge Partner and the course may not cover the QP in entirety.