Change Management

A course by Runjhun Noopur, Author and Happiness Coach. Runjhun Noopur is an acclaimed author, happiness coach, speaker and entrepreneur. Her debut Nirvana in a Corporate Suit is wacky, hilarious and contemporary take on principles of happiness in context of our modern, corporatised existence.


In this course she teaches how positive Workplaces and Change Management is focused on the cultural, emotional and productivity challenges that modern workplaces have to face in the post COVID era. The session seeks to provide emotional intelligence and practical spirituality based tools that will allow individuals to realign their approach towards personal and organizational goals.    Module Number     Title Key Takeaway 1 Key Takeaway 2 Key Takeaway 3 Module 1 Understanding and preparing for change Importance of preparing for change Your attitude towards change matters Change is inevitable Module 2 The Myth of the Comfort Zone How is our comfort zone formed? Pros & cons of comfort zone Changing our perspective on comfort zone Module 3 How do we process change? Importance of processing change Phases of change Why and how do we resist change? Module 4 How does change impact us? Anticipating change Developing your own "exit strategies" Cultivating a change mindset Module 5 Change Management Strategies Mapping Change - How to do it The need for change management strategies Identifying opportunities deriving from change Module 6 Managing Unexpected Change Overcoming fight or flight in a professional setting "The Timeout Hack" Recap of the Master Class
Name Change Management
Language English
Duration 1:12 hours
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