Computer Communications and Networks

Detailed introduction to the basic hardware and software, architectural components for computer communications in local area networks. The components that are focused upon include understanding the basics of computer networks, switching, routing, protocols and security.


The Internet has become one of the most important components of our life. Much of what we do is made possible by networking computers together, and this complex network of computers is usually referred to as the Internet. This course is designed to give you a clear understanding of how networks, from in-home local area networks, or LANS, to the massive and global Internet, are built and how they allow us to use computers to share information and communicate with one another. Start with learning some basic terminology fundamental to understanding computer networks, and become familiar with the concepts of layers and protocols. The rest of the course implements a top-down approach to teach you the details about each layer and the relevant protocols used in computer networks. You will explore the concept of application layer protocols, which include the Domain Name System, e-mail protocols, and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and how to use socket programming to develop network applications. You will also learn transport layer protocols, including the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Later units will cover the network layer Internet Protocol (IP) and packet routing protocols, link layer protocols, and network security, and cloud computing. As you move through the course, take time to notice how the layers build on top of one another and work together to create the amazing tool of computer networks, which many of us depend upon daily.
Name Computer Communications and Networks
Language English
Duration 60:00 hours
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