Creative Selling

Higher the creativity, better the selling. Selling is something which can create the delight of the customer which is highly deductive to the customer in making the final purchase. The customer is the King. Digital media has made the world a smaller place making the customer more informed. All the b


Module No. Key Learnings     1 Information is flowing rapidly and so is the customer. 1 Selling is something which can create the delight of the customer through ways and means which are inducive in helping choose the final product. 1 The sales process is so competitive and price drive, the seller has to put on the shoes from the perspective of the buyer. 1 Creativity can be hereditary or acquired. The process of your upbringing, your proximity and the environment affects it.     2 Network of sales is created by the delight of the customer. 2 Have a holistic approach in offering your solution which is ultimately the creativity of sales. 2 The team mandate must be to think of creativity to create curiousity. 2 The team at the top must set the target or a threshold of creating its value.     3 Market Research and Post Sales Analysis are the backbone of selling. 3 The aim of Customer Relationship Management is to make him feel like a king. 3 The reach, geographic expansion of digital media is tremendous. 3 The speed of reactions, network and opinions is phenomenal. The barriers of selling are now mitigated.     4 Good creativity will get you good value in the whole system. 4 Corporates should focus on open door policy allowing ideas to flow in. 4 Expectations have increased and each person's choice is different so different strategies are required for different customers. 4 After Covid, people would explore online at home and go to the store to check the effect of their choices, making the best of both worlds.
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