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Drawings and Prints (Composites Technology Certificate Program)

Drawings and Prints is the study of foundational blueprint and drawing skills. These skills are necessary in machining and in composites technology as the technician may be required to identify the sizing, shape,and the material make-up of an object.


Drawings and Prints is the study of foundational blueprint and drawing skills. Topics covered include: A working knowledge of the alphabet of lines, including: object lines, hidden lines, center lines, extension lines, dimension lines, and projection lines. The course will cover blueprint views and how they are arranged: one view drawings, two view drawings, and standard three view drawings, as well as auxiliary views. Students will practice dimensioning procedures on basic blueprints, including: size and location dimensions, dimensions in limited space, dimensioning holes, cylinders, arcs, and angles. They will define and use unilateral and bi-lateral tolerances as well as classes of fits. This is a self-paced course goes through 4 pages of instruction and assessments, followed by a set of lectures and slides to cover 12 lessons. Prior to the downloadable course content, the site covers the prerequisites of how to calculate total taper, taper per foot and taper per inch, along with how to interpret thread callouts. The course contains videos, articles and activities to assist in your understanding of the topic, along with lecture information and presentation slides that can be used when teaching this topic to others. The outcome from this course is that you should have a starting point from which you can create a course on blueprints and drawing skills.
Name Drawings and Prints (Composites Technology Certificate Program)
Language English
Duration 4:00 hours
Sector Strategic Manufacturing
Price (INR) FREE
Availablity Available full time
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Assessment Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Pre-Qualification 11th to 12th

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