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FEA using Solidworks

A short course that will help a student enter into the world of FEA. This course uses the analysis module of Solidworks to explain the simulations that will be carried out


FEA or Finite Element Analysis is a method of using virtual simulation technology generated by complex mathematical formulae to test how a product design will react to physical effects. The physical effects include bending, heating, vibration, fluid flow, and other impacts. With FEA tools, an engineer can evaluate and identify any design flaws early in the design cycle. This will help us to determine premature failures and allow us to prevent it. FEA when coupled with design software makes it especially easy for an engineer to make the said decisions and also within a very small amount of time. This is where solidworks simulation package comes into play. As most you would be well aware of, solidworks has a very robust and well made design package which allows you to generate complex 3D models, Surfaces, Sheet metals and many more. This allows us to seamlessly transition between the design interface and into the simulation interface. This vastly reduces the total time spent in the design phase and allows the user to take up many more projects. In solidworks simulation you can predict a product’s real world physical behaviour by virtually testing it. You can run linear, non-linear, static and dynamic analysis in Solidwork Simulation suite. The course work is designed to touch the basic knowledge required to perform FEA simulations in Solidworks. The course is well suited for someone just beginning with FEA.
Name FEA using Solidworks
Language English
Duration 3:20 hours
Sector IT-ITES
Related QP * SSC/Q4401 - Design Engineer - EA ,
Price (INR) ₹5000
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Certification Availability from eSkillIndia Not Available
Assessment Availability from Knowledge Partner Available
Pre-Qualification Under Graduate
NSQF level 7

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Average Rating:5.0

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