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Future of Digital Marketing

A course by SpeakIn Expert Roshni Tarani. The scope is wider when it comes to digital marketing. Digital Marketing will remain as the most powerful way of Marketing in the future.


  MODULE 1 (What Has Changed in the Recent Time) MODULE 2 (Future Trends in Digital Markketing) MODULE 3 (Interactive Banner) MODULE 4 (Influencer Marketing) KEY TAKEAWAYS 1. We learnt that today babies are born in the era of internet. 2. We learnt that in today's era, world is our playground and our content is getting views in crores. 3. We understood the importance of laptop/PC, as they are much more required in today's world. 1. We learnt about interactive content and its aspects. 2. We learnt about influencers market and their aspects. 3. We learnt about chatbots and its aspects as well. 1. We learnt how to use AR and VR technologies for interactive banners. 2. We learnt various metrics to track interactive content, that includes performance, time spent on site, page views, virality and social impact. 3. We learnt about other metrics as well that includes free platform, brand awareness, interactive experience, discoverability and native advertising. 1. We learnt how influencer marketing is useful for us and what all it includes. 2. We learnt about elements of successful influencer marketing that includes utility, agility, value exchange and regular content. 3. We learnt how chatbots replaced e-mail marketing and its various benefits..
Name Future of Digital Marketing
Language English
Duration 0:41 hours
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