Linear Equations II (Beginning Algebra Module 3)

The module includes: Introduction to Linear Regression, Introduction to Applications Involving Linear Equations, Introduction to Linear Functions,and assessments linked to the topics.


Students will use a graphing calculator to find a line of best fit, solve a variety of application problems involving linear equations, identify functions, and use function notation. The module includes: Pre-Assessment, Module 3 Introduction, Section 1: Introduction to Linear Regression, Section 2: Introduction to Applications Involving Linear Equations, Section 3: Introduction to Linear Functions, Post-Assessment. This course starts with an introduction to linear regression and what the line of best fit is with regard to real-world data. This course then goes into common applications of linear equations and slopes, and finally what linear functions are and the notation they use. The course includes tests and interactive media to keep engagement as well as pre- and post-assessments .
Name Linear Equations II (Beginning Algebra Module 3)
Language English
Duration 6:00 hours
Sector Other
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Availablity Available full time
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Pre-Qualification 11th to 12th

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