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Organizational Culture, Diversity, and Ethics

Explore the aspects that are important to the climate of a company – organizational culture, diversity, and business ethics – and why they are important.


In this course, you will look at organizational culture and how it provides a company with its own workplace climate and personality. Organizational culture includes attitudes, values, and work styles which, when managed properly, can lead to a highly productive workforce. A diverse workforce brings together people from different backgrounds. Each individual brings his or her own experiences and expertise to the table. The blending of these backgrounds can enhance productivity by allowing for the free flow of new ideas and creativity. This course will explore the importance of a diverse workforce, and how managers can make the most of their employees' individual knowledge and approaches in order to reach corporate goals. This course will conclude with an exploration of business ethics in the modern-day workplace environment. An organization and its managers have duties – including legal and ethical responsibilities – that they must uphold as part of their service to their stakeholders, including investors, vendors, employees, and the communities in which the organization operates.
Name Organizational Culture, Diversity, and Ethics
Language English
Duration 20:00 hours
Sector Management
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