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Science of Sales

Science of Sales a course by SpeakIn Expert Rohit Jha. If you understand the wiring of an electric circuit, then only you can target the right wire to get the desired results. In the same way, if you understand the wiring of your buyer’s brain, then only you would know, how to sell anything to your


Modules: Module Title Module 1 Credibility is the key to win! Module 2 Selling Emotions, not product/services Module 3 Push or Pull? Module 4 How to set the anchor? Module 5 Be a story teller Key Takeaways: Module Number Key Skills 1 People love to buy from the people they trust, whom they find credible enough 2 Sell fear in a positive way 3 Reduce Reactance - don’t let the customer react in a negative way, instead educate them,listen to them, acknowledge the resistance and don’t overload them with information 4 Anchor sets the comparison and its easy to make a choice 5 People love stories, not facts - stories are a way to enter in someone's mind
Name Science of Sales
Language English
Duration 0:56 hours
Sector Management
Price (INR) ₹299
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