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TRUE Career Profiler Test

The TRUE Career Profiler test is a tool that measures the degree of interest you have in different types of occupations and roles. If you take up a career option or job role that best matches your occupational personality, you have a better chance of succeeding in that job or career.


The TRUE Career Profiler test is a scientific tool that measures the degree of interest you have in different types of occupations. It is based on the six different occupational categories as mentioned in the RIASEC model by Dr. Holland. The six occupational categories mentioned by Holland are: Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising Conventional At the end of the TRUE Career Profiler test, you will know what occupation profiles best suit you. For instance, you could either be an Executor (Realistic) or an Examiner (Investigative) or an Originator (Artistic) or a Supporter (Social) or an Influencer (Enterprising) or an Organizer (Conventional). It is also possible that you may have an equal score for more than one occupational category mentioned above. In which case, you would have traits that match your interests to more than one occupational category.    
Name TRUE Career Profiler Test
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