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VET: Developing Content

The course, VET: Developing Content, takes you through the vocational training content development process starting with the creation of a program outline to developing participant handbooks.


There are two significant challenges that you face when you create vocational skills training courses. First, the audience for vocational skills training is not a homogeneous one. Second, there is no specific universally accepted vocational pedagogy. So, what principles guide the design of vocational skills? Which pedagogical principles and which andragogy principles should one apply? You will find answers to these questions, and more, in the three-course curriculum. This course, VET: Developing Content, is the second course in the three-course curriculum. This course also maps to the universally accepted methodologies, such as the DACUM Approach and the ADDIE model against the various work outputs that are a part of the VET content development process. This course will help you understand the challenges in creating vocational training content, how to create the content outline using instructional principles, and how to script a unit using the frameworks. A sample case study will showcase how content is developed in the VET space.
Name VET: Developing Content
Language English
Duration 1:30 hours
Sector Instructional Strategies
Price (INR) ₹1000
Availablity Available full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge Partner Not Available
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Pre-Qualification Graduate

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