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Wellness Quotient

A course by Anil Kumar Rai, Author, and a wellness coach. He is a proactive and result-oriented professional with expert level experience in Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, After Sales functions.


Title Key Takeaways Co-Creation   1. Be a facilitator to the dreams and choices of your children. 2. Teach your children how to be emotionally adept. 3. The bridge between information and knowledge is called experience. Relationships 1. Everyone has their virtues and vices. 2. Investment of emotions in relations always reaps the benefits for the relationship. 3. Apology and gratitude are the virtues that help nurture relations. Health 1. Health is not just physical. Only a healthy mind can sustain a healthy body. 2. Positive thoughts charge and negative thoughts discharge your health battery. 3. Mind space also needs to be kept hygienic with PEST control. P-physical, E-emotional, S- spiritual, T- tactful fitness Wealth 1. Your beliefs about money can change your outlook and can either keep you away or bring you wealth. 2. A neurological alignment towards Wealth is important for understanding and achieving wealth. 3. Wealth management with the help of experts will reap the benefits of your efforts for the long term. Career and Business   1. Wellness in professional life is by either Liking what you do or Doing what you Like. 2. Peer pressure diverts your focus on other people whereas the focus should be on your own professional development. 3. Evaluate all your ideas and choose on the basis of interest and capability. Self 1. Goal setting gives you a purpose in life. 2. Complement your mind with notes and don’t rely on past success. 3. You are a brand. Every brand has a playground.
Name Wellness Quotient
Language English
Duration 1:12 hours
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