NSDC e-Skill India Portal

How does the e-Skill India portal work?

In our collective endeavour to take skilling opportunities to the Indian youth, we cannot underscore enough the importance of e-learning.

Towards this end, NSDC presents the e-Skill India, e-learning aggregator platform.

The aggregator consolidates B2C e-learning portals operating over the internet in the skilling ecosystem. These portals further create and source e-learning content in a hub and spoke manner. Thus enabling multiple e-learning players, strong in specific skilling sectors, to share their strengths as part of this aggregation exercise.

Bringing the supply and demand side together, this provides opportunities to skill seekers to choose an e-learning course from an aggregated catalogue. Friendly navigation, prompts and search mechanisms have been provided to enable one to reach a course of choice.

Existing NSDC candidates (scheme based or non-scheme based) can use their Candidate id authenticated from SDMS system to access the e-learning. New users may self-create their logins . eLearning opportunities aggregated may be free or paid. In case of paid courses, the payment collection is done by each participating knowledge partner directly. Student progress in e-learning courses across aggregated portals is tracked by NSDC’s aggregator.

While the students thus benefit from the e-learning opportunities provided, they should watch out for rewards and offers for the early successes at e-Skilling!

Enroll for a course with the e-Skill India portal today!