Courses on nCovid-19 — Prevention, Cure and Management


Integrated Government Online Training

Integrated Govt. Online Training on nCovid-19 pandemic now available on DIKSHA Platform and APP.

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Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry

FICCI, on behest of NITI Aayog, has developed.

1 . Training courses on COVID-19 for healthcare workers, nurses and clinicians.

Basic introduction to COVID-19, Infection Prevention and control, and Clinical management. Healthcare workers can access the content free of cost.

2 . Sensitisation Module on COVID-19 for General Public

Basics of infection prevention and control, use of masks, need for social distancing and safe measures for home quarantine etc.

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Wadhwani foundation

The courses on nCovid-19 by Wadhwani foundation intents to provide online skilling to General Duty Assistants (or Nursing Aides), Home Health Aides, Front line workers, Delivery boys, Police Personnel and Volunteers. This courses includes lesson about the fundamentals of COVID-19, methods of infection prevention and self-care, and the best practices for patient care and self care.

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California State University Long Beach

The safety and well-being of workers across all industries has become a major concerns for all organizations as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please find below access to FREE and OPEN learning materials that relate to Hygiene, Workplace Safety and Infection Control.

1. Hand Hygiene: Prevent and control infection Click here.

2. Basic Technique of glove sterilization Click here.

3. Correct Measurement of Sp O2 using a Pulse Oximeter Click here.

4. Infection Control & Antibacterial Resistance – COVID-19 Response Click here.

Disclaimer :The content in the provided URLs may include information specific to US Healthcare System and related data . The learner is advised to use their own discretion for practical application of the concepts learned.

Medvarsity Online Ltd

Gain in-depth understanding of nCovid-19 though certified courses by Medvarsity.

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International Labour Organization

Managing TVET during COVID-19 - Resources for TVET Managers and Policy-Makers Click here.

Learning Online during COVID-19- Resources for Students/Apprentices/Learners/Trainees Click here.

Teaching Online during COVID-19 - Resources for TVET Teachers and Trainers Click here.

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Generation India Foundation, a youth employment not for profit organization, along with its coalition partners, including UNESCO, TNAI, ABP News, Columbia Asia Hospital, Learnet Skills and HOSMAC has organized a free training course to upskill nursing staff in India working with or likely to work with COVID-19 patients.

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The organization is focused on skilling and placing youth with disability in jobs.

To maintain the continuity in training under Covid-19 outbreak, online classes are arranged for less educated youth with disabilities.

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Indian Plumbing Sector Skill Council (IPSC)

Safety and Health guidelines for the plumbing workforce in India post COVID-19 pandemic

English | Hindi | Gujarati | Bengali

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AISECT Skill Development

E-Course : Information and Management of Covid-19

English | Hindi

Assessment of course: Information and Management of Covid-19

English | Hindi

The course has been developed to train all frontline health workers and generate awareness amongst rural communities.

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GuruSkool by Talento

Awareness Program on nCOVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has created disruption in livelihood, communities and business worldwide. Considering the impact, we at Talento have created an awareness program which will educate on the essential information related to COVID-19 that will help our employees, clients, candidates and society to fight against this disease and keep themselves safe.

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Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council

Guidelines On Health, Safety and Hygiene to be followed in Beauty and Wellnesss Sector post nCovid-19 Pandemic

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