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eSkill India— NSDC’s Digital skilling initiative provides Indian youth skilling opportunities to enhance their employability skills through the ‘Employability Enhancer course’ comprising of 21st century skills required to succeed and grow in today’s working environment, such as Communication skills, Financial Literacy, Digital skills, Employability and Entrepreneurship skills.

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The candidates would be provided training on Employability, English and Entrepreneurship skills under the Employability Enhancer Kit. Right employability skills are desirable for the youth not only to gain employment, but also to progress within an organization to achieve one’s potential and contribute successfully to the organization’s strategic directions.

This online skilling course is curated for the youth of India to gain and enhance their existing English Language, Soft skills, ICT and Entrepreneurial skills. The online nature of the training provides easy access to the courses from the comfort of their homes in any corner of the country.