TRUEtest offers high end technology solutions in the areas of Talent Assessment, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Development& Engagement. The products include a platform for Psychometric assessments called ‘TRUEtest’, and a SaaS based online talent development platform called ‘TalGro’. Our vision is to ‘transform HR practices through innovative technology’.

eSkillIndia joins hands with TrueTest to enable the youth to discover their latent talent orientation and align that to appropriate skill development programs and relevant career opportunities through their assessment named as TRUE Career Profiler Test.

This test has been scientifically designed to assess one’s inclination to the six personality types based on Holland Occupational Themes- Examiner, Executor, Supporter, Originator, Organizer and Influencer.

Take True Test Career Profiler test and identify you core strength for professional success and make informed choices with your Career.

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