Asian Institute for Family Managed Business (AIFMB) is a ‘not for profit’ company formed with the objective to catalyze the growth of Family Business Entrepreneurship in India by encouraging youngsters to learn business, to join family business or to start one. AIFMB in collaboration with NSDC offers a free on-line program to the students to systematically help them to learn about different aspects of business. This is a certificate course on Management Basics with a duration of 6 hours.  

While there is a need of doing something new, AIFMB promotes importance of learning from and appreciation of the tacit knowledge that the established businessmen have acquired over years of experience. The online course counts on 24 sessions consisting of a video each followed by the required discussion with a businessman for understanding practical aspects of the business.

AIFMB aims to create a significant and sustainable impact with a collaborative model. It has a network of more than 2000 Family Business Leaders, 20 Educators and more than 18 years of experience.

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