iPRIMED Education Solutions Pvt Ltd

iPRIMED was founded in the year 2009 to bridge the gap between the employability skills of prospective employees and requirements of the employer. iPRIMED Athena a onlin learning portal developed by iPRIMED provides digital solutions, embedded with unique learning methodology to create holistic professionals equipped with technical and soft skills thereby offering more than 45 courses with eLearning duration of over 500 hours.

The courses offered broadly covers the following domains—language for business/work, language for commerce sector, language for IT sector. iPrimed understood that pure play digital solutions are not very engaging and interesting for the learners and tried to overcome these handicaps in their eLearning content via built in interactivity, personalization & gamification.

Most of the courses run like a game, where very chapter is a game around an interesting theme like movies, vacation etc. where students earn points & badges basis the way they answer the questions around the topic.