KnowledgeHut is a global ed-tech company, equipping the world’s workforce with the skills of the future via outcome-based immersive learning. A trusted skills transformation partner to over 500 organizations across 70 countries, KnowledgeHut is the skills solutions provider that organizations and individuals count on to innovate faster and create progress.

Our mission is to empower technologists and other professionals with high-quality hands-on learning opportunities at scale, nurture talent for the future of work, and help close the skills gap.

Our state-of-the-art immersive learning experience platform is fundamentally disrupting the way tech is learnt. Whether you're looking to develop skills in Software Development, IT Service Management, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning / AI or Data Science, KnowledgeHut is your skills transformation partner of choice.

- 220,000+ Professionals trained
- 250+ Workshops every month
- 70+ Countries and counting