Suvision Holdings Private Limited

<p>We, Suvision Holdings Private Limited is a company engaged in the business of providing education to the people on various financial, livelihood and other topics, under its brand name "IndianMoney.com". To reach out to large section of the country the Company has developed a mobile application called FFREEDOM APP with a vision to spread awareness & knowledge on various topics of personal finance i.e. insurance, investment, loans, property, capital markets, mutual funds, or career planning and business model like farming, village industry, retail and so on.</p> <p>IndianMoney Financial Freedom App is India&#39;s No1 Financial & Livelihood Education platform featuring 800+ video courses on Personal Finance, Career, Business, Farming & Life Skills taught by super successful people from the respective fields. Join over 7 million learners from India who are on their mission to increase their income by 10 times.</p>

Courses From suvision-holdings (Available on Indianmoney APP)